Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dear Sister : A Closure much needed

Dear Sister,

It’s been really a long time. I haven’t written you since you left. I know, don’t even say it out; I am not the most caring little sister. It is not like that, Adanne. The world has kept me busy. To be frank, sometimes I forget you, just so I won’t feel your absence. It’s been difficult navigating the world without you, but I have been trying. Enough of me, how is heaven like? Do the angels really sing praises and worship always? Oh! Wait! There is no time in heaven. Anyway, tell your girls over there I said hi. Did you replace me with anyone there? Don’t worry, I am okay with it. I would want you to have someone too just like I have the boys.

Do you know Nigeria is in recession? Ha! You must be screaming now. Yeah! it is very real. Things are really hard now. Can you believe that 20 leaves exercise book that was sold at #5 when you were here is now #50? Yes! scream again. You are allowed to do that. It’s not just exercise books o. Coins have been phased out. Can you imagine? How are kids supposed to survive? Remember how we would always pray for #1 to be left after been sent on errands by neighbors so that we can buy that sweet with different colors? You always loved the pink ones. Adanne, you were so girly! I so much hated the pink ones. Ehe! That sweet no longer exist o. What is now left for kids of this generation to enjoy is very expensive. Imagine buying a lollipop #30. Ah! Adanne, we would have bought 30 pieces with that amount. I tried to explain to our landlady’s daughter that with her #30, I could buy 30pcs of sweet when I was her age,she was looking at me as If I just left Yabaleft. Well, I don’t blame her, she came into the world when someone whose name is Lai, is a minister. Lai even said recently that Senegalese Jellof rice is the best. Are you still screaming? In fact, I will stop here, before Angel Gabriel includes your name in the name of noise makers.

Sister, I wonder what you would have looked like now if Mr. Death didn’t deceive you. You would have been prettiest of them all. Dad would have had a hard time keeping boys away. Adanne, sometimes I want to blame you for leaving us. You left me a great deal of job. Your shoes are so big for my little feet to fit in. I have been struggling doing the things you would have done without batting an eyelid. One of the things I am struggling with is school. Medicine has not been easy like you always said it would be. You would have aced all the courses with A+ but I am struggling with 50points. I know I am complaining now but don’t worry, I will get over it and keep striving till this dream becomes a reality. At least I would help a little girl out there not go through the pains I went through and is still going through losing a sister. This is even the least of my problems. I have calculated all the money I spent on clothes and shoes since you left. Adanne, Mummy screamed when I showed it to her. The money can buy plots of land somewhere in Nigeria. You see the money I have been wasting because you left. My friends hardly buy clothes because they have big sisters they pass on their clothes to them. Imagine, how many plots of land we would have acquired if you didn’t leave. Make sure to include a cheque that will cover these expenses when you write back. And please, don’t use Diamond bank, they have re-introduced the Stamp duty charges. They deducted #250 some nights ago from my account. Now I have #457.22 left. You can’t even buy airtime with their mobile app. Use any other bank except Union Bank. Dad still banks with them. He even has a friend there now. So, he is definitely going to find out how much you sent me if you use them. I don’t want to share the money with anybody. Remember, Nigeria is in recession.

Adanne, do you know the boys are all grown up? They grew into fresh boys and now, I have to get a gun to keep girls away. But, I thought of something last night, I thought I should ask you first. Do you think I should start selling forms to the girls? You know I could use the money. Do you think #2,500 is too much for the form? Maybe #1,500? I will wait for your expert opinion on this. Do you know that Banky just proposed to Adesua? Somebody that would have just slid into your DM if you were on IG. They broke the internet. Girls were weeping! If you see the way girls have been unlocking their IG pages, you will shout. Even madam @Slaydemniggaz that locked hers with Tokoz has unlocked hers. Well, you know me, My DM has always been open. The only problem is that the guys that have been sliding in are the ones that start the conversation with “Tomato Jos”. You know how much I hate Tomatoes. Well, I will still be on the watch out, just one day, my own Wellington will slide in.

Sis, everyone has been doing great. The world is not the same without you to guide my steps. It is almost 17 years now. I’ve had graduations, matriculations without you. I’ve seen my friends rave about how their sisters gave them all the tips and tricks to surviving in school. I have none of that. But, don’t worry, I have Dad, Mom and the boys. I also found new sisters. I am happy, so be happy too. Mum and Dad are strong. No one cries again. I guess they found closure somehow. Hopefully, this letter will give me the closure I need. Write me back and don’t forget to include the cheque.

Your Sister,



  1. So touching! Rest on Adanne...

  2. Wow. So touching. Cant help but imagine how close u were to your sister. Rip adanne.

  3. Sweetheart I was almost moved to tears. You really inspir me