Thursday, 22 December 2016

My experience with Eco Bank yesterday

As part of the working class, You will suffer to make money.
As a student, you will waste all the lies in your mouth (even the ones meant for use at old age)to collect money from your parents or relatives.
Then you go ahead to suffer and open an account with a Nigerian Bank.
You suffer to get a BVN attached to your bank accounts.
Then, you suffer to pay in money into your account.
When it is time to collect the money (YOUR MONEY OO) , you will still suffer to collect it. Sometimes it will take you 3 days to withdraw #1000.

So ECO BANK showed me pepper yesterday. I went to their ATM to withdraw. I got there and met more than 65 people on the queue (no exaggeration). I went out to gist because at that moment I wasn’t wearing my Patience cloak. I came back 45 minutes after, found out that the old people I met were still on the queue in addition to a new set and only one ATM was dispensing cash.
I had to join the queue, now I was probably no 93 on the queue. The kind of odor I inhaled yesterday is enough to give one Cancer of the nose. It was a competition of whose fart is the most foul!. After enduring all these and staying there for 4 hours +, it got to my turn. The message that hit me was ” Dear Customer, you have exceeded the limit for daily withdrawal”. Lawd!!!,I have never seen a machine lie before; a card I have not used for 4 days. I almost fainted. Imagine heading back to the lodge hungry and cashless plus time wasted. I felt the way PDP felt when APC won. I had to push people out of my way as I walked out of the bank. I heard some people shouting,”Can’t you behave like a lady?”. At that point, I was waiting for someone to touch me,so I will bite his fingers off. Who has time for decorum when one is hungry and angry?
I went back this morning to try again. ECO Bank ATMs were not dispensing. I rushed off to Access Bank. I was about no 35 on the queue. I was patient enough to allow those people that carried the ATM Cards of their entire generation to withdraw. Even when one lady was shouting at them , I didn’t contribute. As it was the turn of the guy before me to withdraw, this message hit the screen of the ATM ” Temporarily unable to dispense” Now please tell me why I should still operate a Bank Account. Please if you still have that pot that our forefathers buried money in on the ground, I will buy it. So I can easily dig out my money when I want it.

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