Monday, 14 November 2016

First Few Things I saved Money for

Saving money can be the most tedious thing to do as a child or an adult. Most times there is willingness to save money but a complete lack of control over our wants or cravings thrashes the whole idea at the long run. It is funny to tell someone my younger siblings taught me how to save money. Well, discipline knows no age difference. A baby can be more disciplined than a fully grown adult.

I first thought of starting to save at age 16. I was fresh out of high school. I came home and saw my younger brother bought himself a Nokia Camera Phone then. I had never owned a phone before then so I was kind of jealous my younger one got to use a phone before me. I asked him how he got the money. He told me he had been saving his pocket money since his first year in Junior school. I was pushed to start saving from then. But I couldn't save up to a tangible amount because I had finished High school and was still waiting for admission into the university. Luckily, my dad got me my first phone after my WASSCE result came out and I aced it.

Here are the first few things I saved up money for over the course of my life:

1. BooksAt a point, my mom got tired of spending money on buying me books (Non-academic ones tho). I was a voracious reader then until med school happened. My mom bought me like 2-4 books weekly. It started to tell on her income so she told me she would stop, Being a lover of books, I had to start saving my pocket money or 'Christmas  money' from relatives to buy more books.

 2. Tecno N3 Mobile Phone: I got tired of using the Nokia Camera Phone my dad gave me and planned to buy a new phone. It was the period android phones were first introduced in Nigeria. I was in my first year in the University so It was easy for me to save up money for that because My parents were always giving me money to go to school with everyday.  I had to stop buying lunch snacks in school for sometime till the #13,900 for the phone was complete.

3. HP Laptop: Fast forward a few years after I saved for my phone.I had a laptop before bought for me by my parents but I felt the need to buy a new one because I was always sharing the one I had at that time with my younger siblings. I already had an online job then so the money was coming in. I had to cut down on expenses and save for the new model HP laptop with monster specifications.

What was the first thing you saved money for? Or your first "adult" purchase?


  1. I saved to by my first laptop.
    I saved To pay my house rent in school.
    I saved to buy all the phones I've ever used.
    I saved to buy all the books I needed in the university.
    Those were the first few important things I saved money for.

    nice post dear.
    Bona was here.....

  2. The first thing I ever saved money for was to buy a phone.
    I had to save my whole salary from my first job ever... I was sacked after four days because I refused to work on Sunday... Lolzz

    1. Aww.. Sorry dear. I hope you have a better job now.
      Thanks for stopping by

  3. i must say, you have a really nice blog and i'm looking forward to working with you some day.