Sunday, 9 October 2016

How Most Girls Think

"Ada, you still remember the mugu that collected my number in Eskay's Birthday bash? " 
" Yes, what's up! You don begin chop am "
"No, but very soon. He said he wants us to meet tomorrow at Oceans Hotel"
" Babe, are you going alone? Let me tag along so we can chop am wella."
" Abi, to chyke fine babe no be for mouth "
" I dey feel you, Babe. Well,he will pick us by 4 pm after lecture; so be ready."
" No wahala, make tomorrow fast reach, Free sharwama and Coldstone Ice cream."

" Sharon, That guy nah big fool oo. Can you imagine spending 27k just for one date?"
" Leave am, nah money miss road. Shaa, we nah high class chick,that's why he spotted you afterall."
" Buhahahahahaha, Abi! Anyway I just received a text from him 2 minutes ago.He has started professing undying love for me already."
"Ha! Shuu, nah so kongi hold the guy reach? You very well know he just wants to get into your pants right?"
" Yes nah, I know. Since nah format him wan play. I guess am up for a game or two."
" Ah, what do you mean? I thought you are still a virgin!"
" Yes nah, you misunderstood me. I am not going to allow him have sex with me but he will be allowed to kiss,look at the body but no penetration."
"Ah! Bad,baddo,baddest. I throway cap for you. This your format tight ooo"
"(Laughs). I am going to make him buy me the new samsung S7 edge. Helen's boo bought her the iphone 6s last week and the thing dey shack her.So I must get mine."
" Baby-oku, nah u dey reign ooo. Abeg that guy get another rich friend,abeg connect me if you fit. I need my own Samsung too.This Tecno p5 don tire me.
"No kwams"
" Sharon baby, good news don land ooo. IK's friend entered PH today from Amsterdam. According to IK ,this new guy is well loaded and he needs a girl for his 1 week stay here in PH"
"Babe hope you are gisting me because the job is already mine oo?"
"Sharp babe,chillax first. I got ur back.The job is yours. We will be leaving for Agip on tuesday .So,pick a dress or two."
" Babes,we don softly dey do runs ooo. God forgive us"
"Sharon, why u dey talk like this nah?IK and his friend are not going to have sex with us. I made him promise,we are only going to allow kisses ,no penetration."
" Babe, if you are sure,no problem. I really want to keep my virginity for my husband"
This is a typical conversation you find among 65 percent of girls in higher institutions. They think they are so smart or to careful that they can eat their cake and have it. Probably,they have seen one or two girls get lucky and goes scot-free after such lousy behavior.
I wonder why girls think guys are so dumb that they won't detect when a girl is trying to "hit and run" . A guy spends hours working and then spends 50-150 thousand naira on you and you think you are going to walk free without him entering Jericho.You are not his fiance or his sister or his wife,yet you think he has no motive. Sisters think twice. Our men are not babies. They are not lunatics. They are waiting for you to lose your guard and then they will strike.
Some will come under the comment section to label such men poor guys.They will say no rich man will spend on you and expect anything in return. My sisters, let me ask you, How many of you are willing to buy just meat-pie and bottle of coca-cola for a guy without looking at him to wife you?
I learnt Content is a very powerful tool. Be satisfied with what you have . Make do with what your parents or sponsor can give you. Look at the bigger picture. "Chop mugu and clean mouth doesn't work on all men. Some are naturally born with unforgivable spirit of Belzebug". Live within your means and God of riches will bless you afterwards.
DISCLAIMER : Any name,scenario or place mentioned here is a figment of my imagination.What you do with this piece is entirely up to you and the consequences thereafter is yours alone to bear.


  1. Many ladies want to play smart thinking men are fool who don't think at all

    1. Thank you for sharing your thought Emmanuel. Do come back