Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Crash : How Ijechi became Ije-devil

It's another beautiful Saturday morning. You recall this was that day that you usually hanged out with your bestie. You remember how you will always post the picture of the two of you in a restaurant or a park or a cinema every other Sunday morning on facebook with the title, " #About Yesterday #SelfiewithBae #Besties4eva " and then you get up to 400 likes in just 3 minutes of posting. You have some other girls gushing over what the two of you have;making comments such as "Bestie Goals" and others. Those times you always feel very lucky. But then...

It's another Saturday, you are in your bed wishing you could turn back the hands of time. You are locked up in your room brooding over your folly. You are regretting every bit of your harsh words to her now. You could have ended the whole brouhaha with just a sentence but your ego got the greater part of you. In that fleeting moment, you bulldozed a house that took you years to build. You crashed a car that every other person was envious of and would do anything to have.

It's another Saturday, you have a wedding to attend. But you are really messed up at the moment. There is no way you would attend that wedding because you are experiencing tachycardia. You cannot be genuinely happy for the couple wedding. You don't usually like weddings but Ijechi had a way of making it fun anytime you go together. This would have been a perfect outing if Ijechi were to attend the wedding with you. But,it is not to be. There is no Ijechi now. All that is going through your mind right now is how you showed Ijechi the devil. You turned her journey on earth to Ijeekwensu.

It's another Saturday. This is a day you are supposed to be happy. You are not going to see that lecturer that had a way of making being a student, the most horrible experience today. You are supposed to be hanging out with Ijechi and your other friends to catch up and gist about that girl with K-leg who despite her deformity wouldn't cease to walk round the class at least 6 times a day. But where is Ijechi? Ijechi is a vegetable at the moment and cannot speak talk more of gisting about the K-legged girl.

It's another Saturday, another reminder of that horrible Saturday you had a huge fallout with Ijechi. That day you schooled Ijechi on her life history. That day you said the unthinkable to your best friend. That day Ijechi demanded an apology but you insisted she should go to hell. That day,you weighed your options and told yourself you had a lot of other friends and baes you could hang out with except Ijechi. That Saturday she left your room vividly angry and demoralized. That day you got the call from Nkeoma that Ijechi had just been hit by a bus few minutes after she left your room. A Saturday you wished never happened.

It's another Saturday. Ijechi is currently in a teaching hospital, wired on Life Supporting Machine. The doctors and nurses tried their best to save her but it wasn't to be. Ijechi's family are counting the number of days she has left. You are wishing for a miracle. No one would ever know how hurt Ijechi is emotionally. People have been calling you, telling you to hang in there that Ijechi would be fine. They will never know you were Ijechi's killer.

It's another Saturday. You are yet to forgive yourself. People are yet to find out you are a murderer

SIDE NOTE: The word "SORRY" has just 5 letters. It is shorter than the Phrase " REST IN PEACE"

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