Sunday, 9 October 2016

How I Became Short

So when i was around 6-10 years, I looked very tall. I was taller than most of my age mates then. This endeared me to my late Aunt (God bless her soul). Those days she will always touch my arms and say " Dimma, your arms are so long. You will be a very tall girl." Other times she will be like, " Mma, do your legs grow everyday? " She will buy me groceries that are supposed to make me keep on growing any time she visits us. The days I will go to her house for holidays ,she will make sure i observe my siesta because she wanted her baby girl to be at least 6 feet 2.

I remember her buying me trousers whose length were longer than my leg. She will say," I know it's not your size now but don't worry next week,it will fit you perfectly". True to her words,before the week passes by, the trousers will fit perfectly. In fact i remember in 2009 when i went to boarding school for the first time, she bought me additional tins of milk and cereals because she felt the school won't be feeding us well hence it will stunt my growth.LOL
Years later , I didn't grow up to be a tall lady like my aunt wanted. LOL. She wanted me to be 6 feet 2 but I am still struggling to get to 5 feet 8 . Most times I wondered how disappointed she would have been if she wear still to be alive to see me now. The look on her face will be epic anytime she looks at my once "tall" legs. I have always how I would dread seeing her at my age now because i didn't grow up a tall girl. LOL
If you are my friend and you are taller than me, here I am revealing why I always say no when you demand I join you for evening strolling.
Did you disappoint someone too with your height? Share with us


  1. you are a 5ft8' and you dare say you are short.....OMG!!!! then I'm a dwarf

    1. My friends are 6 feet and more. So amidst them ,i am short

  2. Lol..I am also 5ft8.people say I am tall and they love my height.
    BTW,we are name sakes.