Friday, 14 October 2016

Five Important Tips Before Med School

There are tips  I wished someone gave me before I entered medical school. Seriously, it would have saved me some hassles I go through everyday. Just so you know, I am a 4th year medical student in a Nigerian College of Medicine. So, I believe this will be a very useful tips for aspiring medical students or those in their first year of the med school journey. These tips are not just for aspiring students but as a parent or guardian,it could be useful for your ward or someone you know.


1. Location of Medical School: This first point should be taken seriously. You have to select a school that is located where you can see yourself living in the next six years( as obtained in Nigeria and some other countries) or four years (as found in the USA). You know medical school is a long journey so you wouldn't want to go to a country or town that you can't adapt to its weather conditions or language problems.You wouldn't equally want to find out that your school is located in a place afflicted with war.

2. The Medical School: This is also important. Before you narrow down to a particular college or university, you need to make proper research about the institution. You can check the ranking of the university in different countries online.One wouldn't want to finish from a school and find out that he can't get into residency or even secure a job with his degree certificate because of the school he graduated from. It is pertinent to note that there are some schools that do not have complete certification from their country"s Union of Medical Schools Board.So, this should be taken into consideration when selecting a med school. In as much as we all want to graduate from the best schools in our different countries, we should be careful in selecting those we know that we can easily get into. You wouldn't want to select Harvard School of Medicine when you know that you are not even a straight A student . So while selecting a school,we should be realistic about it.

3. Support Network: Now while selecting a medical school, put into consideration the support network (student services) of the school. Med school is really tough hence you need all the supports you can get. It is a pity that most medical schools in my country do not have a counselling department for medical students. There are things that you may go through med school and wouldn't want to share with family members,yet needs an adult view. Your college counselor is your best bet here. For instance, you may not be doing well in a particular course, this is not something you would want to tell your parents. Your college counselor can proffer solutions to your problem.
You would need a school with extracurricular activities for medical students. Studying can consume a lot of time and would probably deprive you of having fun but if you are in a school with extracurricular activities for students,you will have group fun from time to time. This will help give you a balanced life.

4.  Application/ Interview into the Med School: For any school you have chosen to attend, it is your responsibility to find out the application process and the prerequisites.Med school differ from place to place. Going to med school in Nigeria is totally different from going to med school in the UK or Phillipines. You also need to find out the start and deadline for the application and interview process, the school fees,the availability of student loans and others. GOOGLE is your friend. Look for groups or forums online for your school of choice.You will definitely get better acquainted with the application or examination process. Your success is dependent on how well you prepared.

5. You probably won't be the Smartest Person in your Class: I know most of us begin school thinking about how intelligent or smart we were to get into medical school. You need to calm down;don't shoot yourself in the face. There will always be that guy who looked like a dunce when you first got into med school who is currently acing every test but you can't even get a 40. Don't worry,sometimes people fail. I failed some of mine too. Trust me, you just have to go back to the drawing board and come back smarter when this happens.

I hope I have been helpful. Good luck in your pursuit of becoming a physician.


  1. Lovely post darling! I can totally relate because I have two Dr's in my house Lol.Well done sweetie.

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  3. Great piece.. Would like to know about behavioural approach to challenges which sure comes as a med student.. U gotta struggle with alotta stuffs.. Thanks Mau..

    1. Thank you for commenting Kenechukwu. I will talk about that in my next blog